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Located in London,
Holiday Club is focused on nurturing talent and pushing forward creative learning amongst young people.


Holiday Club was set up in late 2017, our aim is to help individuals with creative talents develop their skills and find the best opportunities in the media and creative sphere.

During the school half term we host a four day workshop based programme led by industry professionals whereby attendees can expand their learning.



Creative Talks

We collaborate with industry professionals to host a series of creative talks and activities in Secondary schools and Six Form/Colleges to further our objective. Our past collaborators include; Rollo Jackson, Ashley Verse, Ade OG, Undine Markus, Audrey Mark, Luke Hyams and numerous others.


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The Holiday Club is run free of charge for individuals aged 14-19, the sessions take place from 10:00-3pm

Sessions consists of industry professional led workshops about careers in the creative field, in addition to this there will be mid week review sessions where we will work on CV/portfolio and confidence building.

We are currently accepting spaces for the Holiday Club London & Peterborough

London: 13-16th August 2019

Peterborough: 19th -30th August 2019

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*As we accept a high volume of entries individuals will be selected at random, if an individual is not selected we will still send out relevant course material that was provided to attendees.


Is their a charge for the Holiday Club? Will their breaks in between sessions?

The Holiday Club is run free of charge Yes, there will be three schedule breaks each day

for all attendees. Do you need consent to attend?

Do attendees have to attend all sessions? If you are under age 18, we require parental/guardian consent

Yes, sessions run from 10:00-3pm individuals

are expected to attend all sessions.


Safeguarding is about protecting children from abuse and maltreatment. We are constantly carrying our internal training and checks to ensure we preventing harm to children's health or development. 

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